Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sloup #20: September 2011

Proposal by Wonder Koch (

2 cheap 2 bail

Dear Investor,

$10 dollars doesn’t go a long way when you are a multi-million dollar corporation struggling to make ends meet. But for Borders without Borders, your local itinerate, freelance bookstore, committed to rescuing the bookless from their Moby Dickless lives, ten bucks is cash in fuck you quantities.

Sans toit ni loi, Borders without Borders may be found peddling reading material in the abandoned Foodland parking lot on Jefferson, the lap of the topless statue near the Grand Reservoir, and under any number of burr, chestnut or overcup oak. Borders without Borders was founded to deliver capitalism to the public sphere, your sock drawer and the beloved parking lot of Borders Books of Sunset Hills Plaza, liquidated but not looted, because that’s not how they do things in South County.

I am requesting funding to pay the wages of an unemployed bookstore worker to work at Borders without Borders.

Free Trade,
Wonder Koch


Proposal by Chloe Bethany (

working title: >>>>>>>Pig Slop Porch<<<<<<<<

What are you making?
I want to make a modular, mobile porch structure that can be wheeled out onto the sidewalk in front of Pig Slop for optimum enjoyment of good weather, people watching, friends, and neighborhood interaction. It would:

-Consist of four sections, each able to fit though our double doors, fitting together to
make a continuous platform once in place.

-Have a railing and space for two chairs and perhaps a plant.

-Make temporary appearances and be stored inside.

-Be a fun way to enjoy the Cherokee street-life and a fun way to bring Pig Slop outside,
to kill a little of our second floor mystery for those that live and work around us. Often
when I sit outside on the sidewalk smoking a cigarette I am perceived as homeless or
soliciting. I'm from Charleston, South Carolina, and porches are a big part of my
lifestyle DNA. Marry that with St Louis city stoops...and you have the reason-being for
the potential pig slop porch.

-It will be art (performance?) not architecture because by being art it is easier to defend
to my landlord.

How will you make it?
I've got the tools, and would utilize the SLOUP grant for the material: 2 x 4's, and other plank wood, wood stains, and prefab railing parts to be determined by what degree of fancy becomes financially plausible.

When? What's your timeline?
One to One.Five months from now. I am currently working on getting together a group show for Pig Slop in early October, which weather-wise would be a perfect time for an unveiling. Certainly at least by then, before it gets cold (which is now, of course, difficult to imagine).

What's a thing you heard/saw recently about the making of art that you embrace?
I just finished my first week as a full-on K-8 art teacher. Though most of the week was spent trying to be a hard-ass establishing classroom management--we did finally get to start some real art lessons in the middle school. I spent a chunk of change making color transparencies of some wierdo public art pieces to use as project inspiration--like check out Ben Wilson who paints tiny paintings on gum spots on London sidewalks--and it was so exciting to be able to talk with them about art that I am genuinely enthusiastic about. Yay!